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Visionaries Society

Ketchum University is honored to recognize alumni and friends who have included the university in their estate plans. These planned gifts are made through beneficiary designations, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, bequest pledges and more. It is our goal to celebrate our Visionaries Society members as often as possible, as these truly visionary gifts make possible the wonderful growth of our campus programs and facilities. To learn more about becoming a member, contact us today at [email protected] or if you already have MBKU, SCCO, SPAS or COP designated in your will or trust, please complete this form and return it to us in order to receive recognition .

Our thanks to the following Visionaries Society members:

Dr. Nelson R. Bates, '73
Liesel Brown
Dr. Geoffrey B. Chaffe, '78
Maurice Friedman
Dr. Darlyne H. Fujimoto, '83
Dr. Beth D. Gilman, '82
Dr. Robert A. Greenley, '53
Dr. Jennifer B. Grove, '92
Dr. Siret D. Jaanus
Dr. Sheila R. Jones, '64
Dr. Richard H. Kendall, '51
Dr. Armand L. Martin, '58
Dr. Guy T. McDougal, '85
Dr. Jane Ann Munroe, '77
Wilma B. Muth
Dr. Albert M. Nemiroff, '59
Dr. Robert A. Reynolds, '75
Frances A. Rozner
Dr. Michael R. Sellers, '78
Dr. Richard M. Skay, '82
Jacqueline M. Skay
Dr. Allen W. Souchek, '70 & Marilyn Souchek
Dr. William J. Steiner, '80
Dr. David T. Wakabayashi, '70
Dr. Lesley L. Walls
Dr. Mary Ann Keverline Walls
Dr. Hershel B. Welton, '64